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​How Lawn Mowers Can Make Crap of a Summer Day


How Lawn Mowers Can Make Crap of a Summer Day

Life can sometimes have too many Murphy’s-Law moments, where if anything bad can happen, it will. This Pull to Start T-Shirt is one that countless homeowners can relate to. Do-it-yourself home projects don’t always go according to plan. Even doing your own lawn can be complicated. What could be more frustrating than bracing for the heat to keep control of growing summer grass only to have the pull cord break? Well, a lot, actually, and that’s just in the area of lawn mowers.

Avoid Severing Limbs

For those times when you manage to get your lawn mower started, exercise caution! This is a funny t-shirt and meant to be a light-hearted though mildly useful article, but amputations happen. All kinds of bad things can occur when you have large, sharp metal blades spinning quickly enough to give grass a trim. Every year, it has been estimated that about 253,000 people are hospitalized because of a lawn mowing accident. A discharge shoot is a great safety feature. Also, wear sturdy shoes when mowing.

Avoid Fuel Storage Mishaps

Unless you hire a landscaping firm, it’s normal to have gasoline on hand for your lawnmower, chain saw, hedge trimmer, and possibly other tools. There are risks involved with storing a flammable fuel in your garage. Precautions should be taken, to avoid a lot of potential disasters. Keep gas cans away from ignition sources, direct sunlight, and heat sources such as a garage heater. And children; keep them away from gasoline. That could also be important.

Protection from General Power Tool Injuries

When mowing your lawn and otherwise tending your yard, care should be taken with power tools. Protective equipment includes:

  • Work gloves, to prevent cuts and blisters
  • Goggles, to protect the eyes from flying debris
  • Earplugs, to prevent damage to your hearing
  • Respirator or face mask, if working with fumes or excessive dust or debris
  • Wear shoes with a closed-toe, to protect your toes from things that might fall on them or otherwise pose a threat

Avoid encounters with Utility Lines

If you are planning an activity that involves digging, don’t even think about planning to maybe get started until you’ve established the location of power lines. According to the Common Ground Alliance, a homeowner hitting an in-ground utility occurs approximately every three minutes. A free government service coordinates with local utility companies to visit homeowners planning to dig. They mark out in-ground utilities so you can avoid a very dangerous hazard. Then, once the marking are on the grass, you can begin safely installing a new fence or whatever your project is that involves digging.

Get the T-Shirt

Yard workers everywhere can relate to this Pull to Start T-Shirt. Wear this shirt and enjoy the understanding smiles of camaraderie wherever you go.

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